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Ionic or React JS development on the front and Node js on the back


Are you still struggling with building high-quality backlinks and driving traffic to your website?

You may have a marketing budget, but still, are you sure you spending it proper? Are you sure your team could handle all the processes?



Looking for a reliable partner?

We provide 24/7 support of your web project. Handle all back-end/server questions that could appear


Gamification of bioenergy Getting closer to bionergy solutions of Thailand

Charging of your mobile phone could get you presents if you charging with Thailand pavillion

The idea is to create animated corn growth app dedcated to charging your phone with app on in phono mode. The result of charging is totaly grown mascot of the company which is presenting gifts to the users.

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Architecture company website Love and Art

The main idea is to create modern porfolio and landing website for potential new orders

We used custom desighn and code for implementing this project

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Bid Data Yoga project it's all about Yoga, CRM system creation, Saas system creation, triggers, RFID - integrations, bpm and even more

This projects is a custom website and custom CRM system created together for the most powerful communication with users.

The idea is to make Yoga classes more flexible and common to anybody. The system is containing of a huge knowlege base with texts, pictures and videos. Every user could find somethin interesting exactly for him. On the back-eng we made custom BPM solution in order to make trigger mail campaighns and other user interections. The system is connected to Qlick Cloud reportis system, with range of reports from marketiong campaigns.

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